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Revolutionary – Double Shoulder Refacer

July 31, 2015

Force is extremely excited to enter into a long term Designated Service Provider and Asset Use Agreement with SAMSS Reface Systems. This will give Force the exclusive right and license to use and promote SAMSS’ technology in Canada. President & C.E.O. Dave Joinson “In today’s economic climate finding solutions or technologies that can help save customer’s time and money is important. This revolutionary technology will cut down on trucking, repair time and the need for extra inventory.” The SAMSS Reface System is the leading manufacturer of accurate, easy to use, portable, proprietary lathe cut, field refacing equipment. SAMMS systems utilize machinist principals by utilizing proper speed and feed techniques to assure an accurate cut each time. SAMMS specialize in double shoulder high torque connections that meet API, DS1 and other relevant industry standards in the Oil & Gas Industry. One of the unique properties of the SAMSS Reface System is the ability to cut the sealing face, torque stop, inside & outside bevels in a single cut. Contact Force today for a live demonstration and to see how we can save you time and money!

Please visit the link: https://youtu.be/tG6IazVyxoQ