Q1-3145   Q1-3178   ISO-3110   ISO-3124   5CT-1878   5CT-1885

API Certifications achieved for Q1, ISO 9001, 5CT & 7-1

August 18, 2016

Leduc, Canada – August 18, 2016 – Force Inspection has received the American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 Certification along with ISO 9001, 5CT and 7-1 Monogram licenses. Force Inspection Services is the sole organization in Western Canada that holds these certifications for inspection and machining of oilfield tubular products.
“The achievement of API Q1 Certification along with ISO 9001, 5CT and 7-1 Monogram licenses is a testament to Force’s commitment to improved safety, superior quality and consistent processes. I am extremely proud of the entire team in achieving this milestone” said Matt Gruenenwald, Force’s General Manager.
“Earning these certifications further strengthens our position in the market, where upcoming projects are expected to require API certification,” added Jeff Drummond, Sales Manager.
“These certifications are evidence of Forces excellence in pipe inspection, manufacturing processes and inventory management, which are designed to supply safe, high quality personnel and services to our customers,” said Joe Krietemeyer, Quality Management System Manager for Force.
For more than 75 years, API had led the development of petroleum and petrochemical equipment and operating standards. These represent the industry’s collective knowledge and experience, ranging from drill bits to environmental protection, and embrace proven engineering and operating practices and safe, interchangeable equipment and materials.
API maintains more than 500 standards and recommended practices. Many have been incorporated into state and federal regulations; increasingly, they are also being adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO), a global federation of more than 100 standards groups.