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Human Resources Policy

We have always emphasized that outstanding people are the key to our success. Through the efforts of our people, Force Inspection Services has become a leader in our industry. To ensure the continued success, we feel it is important that all employees understand our policies and procedures. This policy guideline in this handout should be used as a valuable resource for understanding Force Inspection Services. If you have any questions about this handout or its contents, you should not hesitate to ask any member of the management team.

All members of Force Inspection Services’ management team who need to know the policies in order to administer them in a fair and equitable manner will receive a copy of this handout. Day to day administration of the policies is the responsibility of the supervisors concerned. Consistency of interpretation is the keystone to a successful policy program.


Our policies, practices and benefits are reviewed for updating and we expect to change them from time to time. Because we operate in a dynamic industry, some policies and benefit programs currently in effect may be revised, suspended, or eliminated in response to business needs or changing legal requirements. Company benefit plans are defined in legal documents such as insurance contracts, official plan texts and trust agreements. Plan documents can be made available for inspection by requesting copies of any documents through our payroll department.


Force Inspection Services is committed to achieving and maintaining an excellent reputation for conducting business activities with integrity, fairness and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. As employees you will enjoy the benefits of this reputation and Force Inspection Services asks that you uphold this commitment to excellence in every business activity. We also need to be aware of, and honor our clients and suppliers ethical standards and conflict of interest policies. If an employee is ever in doubt of whether an activity meets our ethical standards or compromises Force Inspection Service’s reputation, he/she should discuss it with any member of our management team.


Employees are encouraged to share their concerns, seek information, provide input and resolve issues through their team leader and as appropriate, consult with any member of management toward those ends. Management and team leaders are expected to listen to employee concerns, to encourage their input and seek resolution to their issues.


If employees have any suggestions or ideas that they feel would benefit Force Inspection Services they are encouraged to make them known. Management is always looking for suggestions that improve methods, procedures and working conditions as well as reduce costs and/or errors and benefit our clients, Force Inspection Services and its employees.


Force Inspection Services maintains a strong policy of employee equity. We take affirmative action to ensure employee equity for all employees and applicants for employment. We hire, train, promote and compensate employees on the basis of personal competence and potential for advancement without regards for race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age or physical impairment.


Every organization has certain guidelines, which reflect good business practices. In establishing rules of conduct, Force Inspection Services has no intention of restricting the personal right of any individual. Rather, the guidelines have been designed to protect the rights of all employees and to ensure maximum understanding and cooperation.