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Quicker turn around equals value add for our customers in the Peace Region

September 17, 2015

Force is excited to announce our latest addition to our value added service offering. We are now able to repair and manufacture your API, Premium Drill Pipe and OCTG product on our newly installed CNC threading line. This threading line will allow Force to machine any customer product up to an eleven inch diameter.

Having repair capacity in the Peace Region allows customers to keep their product closer to the rig site. This does not only translate into lower trucking charges, but also keeps pipe pool inventories to a minimum ultimately saving customer’s money.

Not only does this mean shorter turnaround time and higher quality for the customer but also a much safer work environment for our employees, thanks to our semi-automated tubular handling system which allows minimal handling of the product.

Matt Gruenenwald, General Manager; We are constantly implementing the use of technology to stream line our processes as well as expansion of our service offering to our customers. Having CNC rethreading capability in the Grande Prairie area shows we are committed to our customers’ needs in this economic climate.