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Drill Pipe Inspection

The purpose of Inspecting new or used Drill Pipe is to locate and evaluate defects from manufacture (new) and service induced defects from Drilling Operations (used).

API – DS-1 or a specific customer supplied criteria, our experienced operations staff can help our clients choose from a variety of services to tailor an inspection program to fit your needs and minimize downhole failure.

Drill Collars, HWDP And Bha Inspection

Inspection of Drill Collars, HWDP and BHA for cracks in threads, upsets and critical radius is imperative. If not inspected regularly fatigue of the material can create a crack in a very short period of time.

Utilizing WetMag (black light) inspection for ferrous (steel) material and LPI (Liquid Penetrant Inspection) for non-ferrous (non-mag) material in conjunction with thread profilegauging, visual seal and thread inspection and dimensional inspection our staff of qualified operators can help to minimize the possibility of a downhole failure.

Field Repair Services

Force Inspection Services provides straightening, Hydraulic Lathe Seal Refacing and can further offer thread dressing services in an attempt to minimize the amount of machine shop repairs to send back to town.

In addition, Force Inspection Services can offer coupling change overs up to 7” o.d. with our Tong unit.

Tubing and Casing Inspection

In order to minimize tubular failures, Force Inspection Services offers a variety of services for our client’s specific needs ranging from a basic visual thread and drift inspection, to API Thread Gauging, to a full length Type III Inspection for Transverse and Longitudinal defects and continuous wall monitoring of tube bodies.

Machine Shop

Force Inspection Services can provide API Rotary Shoulder Threading and Tubing and Casing Threading on-site at our Leduc and Grande Prairie facilities.