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We are glad to introduce to you the new ForceFlow ACE!

March 8, 2024
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Developed specifically for Canadian downhole conditions & operational models this long-awaited tubing liner fits into our expanding well completions product portfolio.

A New Member of a Strong Family

Reduce your operational expenditure, boost your well performance, and protect your assets from corrosion and wear with our thermoplastic ForceFlow liners. Like CORE and DURA, ACE is mechanically bonded to pipe I.D., built to exceed ASTM standards, and complimented with a rugged teflon-coated coupling to safeguard the J-area.

Versatile, Durable and Long Lasting

Unlike other products, ACE is created to last long where many flake or melt.

It is made of a specialized, unique polymer that withstands up to 95°C in harsh downhole conditions. Simple water, sour or sweet oil, brine disposal, or chemical injections in vertical or highly deviated wells – ACE takes it all, if used right it can stay in service twice as long as others and keep saving your OPEX.

Made in Canada for Canadian Conditions

Tubing liners have been renowned in the industry for over 30 years. While providing seamless and one of the fastest on-time delivery, we also managed to make this technology truly cost-efficient for the Western Canadian operations model. FORCE liners fit any project budget and require no supervision at wellsite.

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